Sunday, February 19, 2012

Copenhagen - Day 2

So after a nice night's sleep and breakfast we hit the streets of Copenhagen again.  The Star Princess will not be leaving until later in the afternoon, so more time for being a tourist.
First stop is the Royal Palace.  It is comprised of four buildings surrounding a courtyard, and were originally built for aristocrats that were part of the Royal Court.  The aristocrats were kicked out when the Royal Palace burned and the family needed a new residence. The king and queen reside in one and the newly married son is moving into another.  The third is being renovated into a museum.  The fourth is closed to the public.

The building for the newlyweds was open to the public during its renovation.  Inside there are impressive public rooms and also the private rooms for the couple.  Some of the renovations are period correct, and some are very contemporary in the private rooms.  As part of the process a hand built wooden staircase was installed to make the flow of the living space better.
Adjacent to the Royal Palace is the Marble Church.  It lives up to its name with intricate marble floors and decorations.  The main are of the church is topped with an impressive dome.
To make sure we miss nothing, our next stop is the original residence of the king in Copenhagen.  It is a tall narrow castle that is was also an armory and now houses the royal jewels.  Inside there is an original outhouse, not to be confused with the throne room on the top floor.  There are relics of the various occupants of the castle along with portraits.  Their is a pair of portraits of a king a queen, that are VERY similar, it looks more like the king dressed as the 'queen'.  In the basement is the armory and the royal jewels, not quite as impressive as the British, but spectacular none the less.
On our way to the last stop, we wander along the pedestrian street again.  There is always a need to shop.  While waiting for my roommate, a beer wagon pulled by two draft horses passes.  Hmmmmm, draft horses pulled a wagon full of beer, how apropos.  Just like other European cities, there are vendors offering fresh local and imported fruits and vegetables.
The last stop before the hotel is a museum.  It is known for the Roman artifacts in its collection.  The various statues and mosaics are quite impressive.  The building itself is also impressive with an enclosed courtyard topped with a glass dome. So back at the hotel, we collect out luggage and take a cab to the Star Princess.  This is my first Princess cruise, but being a 'Commodore', I do receive some benefits.  Once on board there is a mini-bar set up, upgraded bath items, the best is yet to come with free laundry service.  The ship itself is very nice with lots of open areas, and well laid out.

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