Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another cruise....The Bahamas

So after being home for maybe three weeks, the roommate decides that another vacation is needed for Christmas.  Since neither of us have family nearby, going away has become something to do.  Last year was a short trip to Key West.  We stayed at The Douglas House just off Duval Street.  It was a fun short visit
This year he found the Norwegian Sky sailing to the Bahamas on a 4 night cruise on 19 Dec.  I would have preferred to stay home, but went anyway.  I had never been to the Bahamas and neither of us had ever sailed on NCL.  So cruise was booked and off we go.  But of course there is always something, roommate had an interview for 7 hours the week before we depart, so while on vacation he was waiting on word for that position.
The best thing about the lead up to the cruise was NO FLIGHTS!!!  The port of Miami  is only a 45 minute drive not an overnight flight.  Instead of parking at the pot, we used an offsite lot for $6/day not the $15 at the port.  There was a shuttle that picked delivered us to the terminal for the Norwegian Sky.  Since it was only a 4 night cruise, all I had was a carry-on and my loyal backpack.
Once through the lines for check in we walk up the ramp and board out floating hotel, only problem is, the cabins are not ready.  So now there is a cruise ship filling up with passengers, many with carry-on luggage with no cabins to occupy, not much fun.  With nothing else to do, follow the masses and head to the food.  At the outside dining option there was a nice assortment of items at most cook outs, burgers, hot dogs, chicken, assorted salads, all of which were tasty, and the chicken being my favorite.  With our plates full we find a table along with the rest of the passengers and enjoy the view of South Beach.
Once finished we relinquish our table so others can sit and eat and wander into one of the specialty restaurants. During the day it is a pizza parlor, and open to any passenger.  Since it is sort of secluded, it was not very busy and we sat at an empty table to one side.  My roommate goes off to see if the cabins are open and returns with good news, YES.
We had booked an inside guarantee an were given a handicapped accessible cabin.  This was nice since the cabin is larger than the standard and so is the bathroom.  There is also a small seating area with a love seat that does open to a single bed.  Extra space in a cabin is ALWAYS appreciated.

The Norwegian Sky was originally the Pride of Aloha sailing the Hawaiian Islands for NCL America.  The ship entered the Norwegian fleet in 2004 and has been cruising to the Bahamas since.  The ships origin is quite evident in the decor, scenes of the Hawaiian Islands, outrigger canoes, hibiscus flowers.  It is about time for a renovation.

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