Thursday, December 8, 2011

Relaxing Sea Day....Sort of....

Since the distance to our next port is so far, we got to enjoy a day at sea.  These are great for catching up on postcard writing, reading or even napping.  About the Pacific Princess and the rest of the Princess fleet, the have the Princess Patter a listing of the day's activities.  These activities range from lectures to trivia games, art auctions or wine tasting and many more options.
The other couple from our dinner table and I liked playing trivia so we were at all of the matches.  We won a few, came in second  some, but was always in the top finishers.  Prizes were Princess gifts, pens, water bottles, etc.
Back to the dinner table.  We are now on DAY 4 of the cruise, and as always the LA women are late.  I'll just use initials for them E & J  The have been late every night, a trend that will be a constant for the cruise.  As usual, they wold order, then mid course make another suggestion, and it was becoming tiresome.  The waiter got to the point of bringing and extra soup for E so there was no need to go back to the kitchen.  At least they got to the point of sharing entrees, instead of just ordering an extra.  But that too was strange..  On night J ordered a beef dish, medium rare, like she wanted it.  After finishing her fish, E cut into the beef, called the waiter over and complained it was not medium.  The waiter replied it was ordered medium rare, BUT I don't like it this way, I want medium.  But you did not order it, J did and it was medium rare.  So E turns to J, why did you order it medium rare, I like it medium.
Listening to the stream of conversation was always interesting.  The story would go off on so many tangents, it was hard to remember what started it.  Conversations about pricing condos would go past martinis, tree house restaurants, Hollywood mansions to hand thrown pizza in the kitchen with the security guard.  But the one common thread was it was about E.  During one conversation, E was talking and J asked a question, E replied...don't ask me things while I am talking, I cannot do two things at once.
At one point during the meal, E asked me to call her travel agent when I got home and get the refund process started for the flight they missed.  I told her the agent would have to speak to her, since I was not her client.  She started over again, and I interrupted her.....BIG mistake.  LET ME FINISH!!  So she asked again and when she was done I looked at her turned to the person beside me and just started talking to her.  At least she did not ask me again.

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